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Leave It To Us

In an office of tech-savvy, cutting edge, keynote watching individuals, my iPhone 4 is a bit of an office joke. I’m lucky if the middle button works half of the time and I’ll admit that I’m a couple of updates behind. I think my co-workers worry more about it than I do, but to be ... Read More »

All Aboard!

When I first started out at MonkDev, I was told that the first 90 days were crucial in effecting change. So I asked questions, occasionally less intelligent ones, and through those I learned the ins and outs of MonkDev. You’ve probably felt the same with any new job, hobby or program. Some ... Read More »

Introducing New Monk Kellie Cameron!

We are excited to introduce Kellie, Monk’s new Customer Advocate and “On-Boarding” Specialist. She will be working with new clients to ensure launching their site is a smooth and pleasant experience. Kellie comes to Monk with a background in Customer Service and Graphic Arts, ... Read More »

API, HTML and The Art of Growing Small Groups

Four churches on my resume, a degree in biblical studies and I’m even a pastor’s wife. Sounds like I’d be the perfect candidate to get connected in a small group at any church. However, moving to San Diego from Austin involved an ever-growing list of to-dos and start-overs, ... Read More »

FREE RESOURCE: What Every Pastor Needs to Know About Building a Church Website

This ebook is a must for any pastor who's serious about growing his or her congregation! A church website must move community members through the discipleship process. Learn how to ask the right questions to ensure this happens for your church. Read More »

Do You Know the Team Behind Your Church Website Solution?

They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Here at MonkDev, we’d like to think we’re strong like a bull. No weak links. Just a team full of ministry-focused, church website warriors ready to help churches build the kingdom with their little corner of the web. But ... Read More »

Five Considerations Pastors Need to Make When Building a Website

As Ellis Paul once sang, “the world ain’t slowing down.” No one feels the weight of these words quite like a pastor! Whether it’s performing a wedding, prepping a sermon, counseling a couple, or sifting through financials, pastors have a lot on their plates. Read More »

FREE RESOURCE: What Every Church Communicator Needs to Know About Building a Church Website

If you’re a church communicator, you know there is one basic truth in every church: Every font choice, website stock photo, bathroom sign, every hole in the wall, even the beans you brew for the free church coffee—they all communicate something. Your job is to determine whether ... Read More »

Communicating to Your Entire Church Through the Church Website

Quick: What's the most effective method your church uses to move people through the discipleship process? In other words, how do you get new visitors to join? And once they've joined, how do you get members engaged in the life of the church? Read More »

What Church Communicators Crave in a CMS

We wanted to know what church communicators need out of a CMS (content management system). We thought and thought and thought. And then we asked some of the best and brightest communicators we knew: "What do you need most?" Read More »

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