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Design Process

We have worked hard to make the process as simple as possible.  These are the different steps & options for Monk and the Reseller to work together:

Design Partners: Create the Design (psd) only

Rebuilding Websites The Design Partner works with the client to create a website design.  The Partner completes a layered Photoshop (PSD) file (or other agreed upon file delivery) and provides it to Monk Development to rebuild and integrate the MonkCMS backend. 

The Client's website will be re-built using web-compliant standards as designated by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), including XHMTL and CSS. MonkCMS's flexible Web 2.0 architecture separates the content (html & data) from the design (CSS) of the client website.  Because MonkCMS builds our sites based on Web Standards, future re-designs require you to only change one CSS page to completely re-design your client website. Future redesigns can be done rapidly and at a greatly reduced cost. 

Reseller: Full Service

The Reseller creates the design, builds the site and integrates MonkCMS's API into the design.  The MonkCMS API (Application Programming Interface) allows simple and rapid deployment of MonkCMS Content to a client website.  The API is a set of source code level commands that retrieves data and publishes it on the client's website.  For example:

        <? getContent ("article", "display:list", "howmany:5", "show:__titlelink__") ?>

This API would show a list of the last 5 article titles with links to their content page.  MonkCMS will train our resellers and provide documentation on how to integrate the API into client websites. 

NOTE: This option requires programmers familiar with coding or integrating with applications (eg. Wordpress).  Please contact us if you have questions or plan to go forward with this option. 

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