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Become a Design Partner

Monk has several levels of relationships with Design Partners.  They include:

am designResellers
:  Resellers offer their clients a Content Management System through our Private Label CMS solution. The Reseller creates the design, builds the site and integrates MonkCMS's API into the design.  A Reseller supports and bills their clients. The clients served by the Reseller do not know about Monk Development. In addition to this, Strategic Resellers focus on a core niche and/or achieve monthly sales goals. (Example, Church Plant Media targets new church starts and has nearly two-hundred new churches on the CMS.)   

Design Partners: A Design Partner opts to create designs for their clients (psd) but uses Monk Development to rebuild the website (css & API), support the client and/or provide other services to the client.

Design Network Benefits

1. Increased Revenue – Design Network partners experience increased revenue through reselling the functionality of MonkCMS and the Return on Investment (ROI) their clients achieve. Resellers are able to charge monthly fees for the ongoing use of the CMS to their clients providing a residual income.

2. Faster Receivables – Projects are completed faster which result in a quicker receivable collection, typically a challenge for design companies. With our backend, streamlined process and whiteboard implementation, projects time is often cut in half. In addition, content migration, which often slows a project down is done by the clients trained to handle the migration.

3. Focus on Core Competency – Design companies focus on great design, without having to divert their attention to a CMS, development or technical skills needed to implement new websites. With MonkCMS you never have to download, install or manage the upgrading of 3rd party software for your clients.

4. Grow your Company, Not your Overhead – Monk Development is committed to your success. We will partner with you to land new clients, support these clients, build custom features and other application development your company needs.

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