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What It Means To Build A Custom Site

Custom. Website. Those are two pretty packed words when placed together. You may have a dream for your own site in mind. Perhaps you think of another church’s. But what does it mean to do a custom site with MonkDev? What does it look like? How does it happen? Let’s explore that a ... Read More »

Introducing New Monk Elysia Gleeson!

Before coming to Monk, Elysia Gleeson, recently graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication. Working at Sun Diego Boardshops for five years equipped her with valuable customer service and management skills. Elysia was born and raised in San Diego, and now lives in Carlsbad ... Read More »

Leave It To Us

In an office of tech-savvy, cutting edge, keynote watching individuals, my iPhone 4 is a bit of an office joke. I’m lucky if the middle button works half of the time and I’ll admit that I’m a couple of updates behind. I think my co-workers worry more about it than I do, but to be ... Read More »

All Aboard!

When I first started out at MonkDev, I was told that the first 90 days were crucial in effecting change. So I asked questions, occasionally less intelligent ones, and through those I learned the ins and outs of MonkDev. You’ve probably felt the same with any new job, hobby or program. Some ... Read More »

API, HTML and The Art of Growing Small Groups

Four churches on my resume, a degree in biblical studies and I’m even a pastor’s wife. Sounds like I’d be the perfect candidate to get connected in a small group at any church. However, moving to San Diego from Austin involved an ever-growing list of to-dos and start-overs, ... Read More »